Mountain Athletes


At RnA Outdoors, we are public land 'DIY'ers that love to share our passion of the outdoors. With 50+ years of experience, we want to share our insight and knowledge to help make outdoorsmen more successful.


Lucas Paugh

Lucas was born and raised in North Central Montana where there was year round hunting and fishing opportunities. As a kid, he grew up on the Milk River Valley which provided some of the best whitetail hunting in the West. When hunting season was slow, there was always large rainbow trout or northern pike to be netted. After high school, he spent 5 years in Butte, MT studying at Montana Tech to continue his education. That opportunity opened his eyes to fly fishing some of the best blue ribbon trout streams and archery elk hunting in the Western Divide. After spending countless hours on the Big Hole River and DIY public land archery hunting the Pioneers, he has been provided some great success and knowledge that most have never exploited. Over the last 10 years, his hunting and fishing experiences have taken him to Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, California, Nevada, Montana domestically and Argentina (Mendoza & Patagonia), Brazil, Australia and New Zealand internationally.


For the past 12 years, he has been a student of the game understanding state guidelines, researching new areas, data mining the state draw statistics, and putting boots on the ground. Understanding the various regulations, draw statistics by individual state, and following trophy potential units are what has helped him harvest quality game across the Western US. 

Every year, he applies in 15 different states and draws a few tags. He averages over 75+ days in the field and hunts between 2-3 different states per year. 100% of his hunts are DIY self-guided and take place on public lands. His strategy all along has been to draw tags that provide the best opportunity for harvesting a trophy animal no matter the weapon or season. He enjoys hunting all big game, but there's no passion greater than chasing big bull elk in September. His lifelong goal is to kill the North American 29 and 50 bull elk by the age of 50.

Ben Miller

Ben was born in Michigan and moved west to the mountains of Montana at the age of two. Growing up in the shadow of the Flint Creek Range along the banks of the Clark Fork River, he took advantage of every opportunity he had to step into the great outdoors. With over two decades of experience in the woods, he has learned the patterns of the wildlife, how to keep the freezer full, all while collecting countless memories.


When he went to school at Montana Tech in Butte, he practically lived in the local archery shop, zeroing in on targets while learning insider tips from other dedicated hunters. In 2003, Ben graduated with a degree in GIS/GPS Mapping from Tech and he has been working in the mapping industry ever since. With competition on public land, his mapping background has produced many successful DIY backcountry hunts harvesting deer, elk, and antelope all with a bow. 


Upon graduation, Ben moved to Eastern Wyoming. For the next four years, he hunted the vast Wyoming landscape with great success. His desire to hunt in unknown territory expanded many horizons, spending weeks in the Wyoming backcountry. He has spent the last nine years in southwestern Montana where some of the best fishing and hunting surrounds him and is taken advantage of on a weekly basis. Montana offers the unique ability to truly be alone amidst the wilderness with your own private window into the world of the wild. His hope is that he can be a part of getting future generations hooked on hunting. Also use his knowledge in the mapping world to help fellow sportsman get into the field away from the crowded public.


When he is not hunting, you can find him horn hunting, skiing, fishing, hiking, four wheeling, snowmobiling, or ice fishing depending on the season. He has fished or hunted in Michigan, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Belize, United Arab Emarites, and spends 70 plus days outdoors yearly in western Montana.


He loves the challenge of the bow, the need for patience, precision, and the fact that it put him on the same playing field as the animals. He realized he could achieve a sense of adventure, adrenaline, extreme reward, and total devastation all within a day. You can find him casting for Grayling in mountain lakes or bugling bulls in the crisp fall air. The adrenaline of hunting rutting bulls in September with a bow is unrivaled.

Tyler Houston

Tyler was born in Helena, Montana and grew up fishing Prickly Pear Creek near his hometown of East Helena.  He immediately became obsessed with hunting and fishing as a young man spending most of his free time when not playing sports with his father exploring the Helena National Forest hunting elk and venturing out for annual pronghorn and deer hunts to Eastern Montana.  


While obtaining his Engineering degree at Montana Tech in Butte, MT, he spent numerous days on the Big Hole River fly fishing and hunting whitetails, mule deer, and elk around southwestern Montana.  After graduating, Tyler moved to Nevada to pursue his career.  He began bow hunting shortly after his arrival and developed a passion for chasing bugling bulls back in Montana during the September rut and pursuing high country mule deer in Nevada.  He has also spent time hunting in Colorado, California, Oregon, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Arizona for various western big game species.


After spending nearly nine years in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Tyler recently moved back to Montana to enjoy the outdoors.  Tyler realized after living overseas for numerous years how he took for granted the freedoms we as Americans enjoy on a daily basis especially when it comes to hunting and the outdoors.  He is a life member of Backcountry Hunter and Anglers and remains an active member of the RMEF.  He vows to never take for granted the incredible opportunities we enjoy in this great country and utilize any free time he has to experience life outside the confines of an office or home. 


Tyler applies for high quality hunts each year in many western states and has been fortunate to draw bull elk tags in Nevada and New Mexico.  He was also privileged to receive and successfully tag a Nelson (Desert) Bighorn Sheep in Nevada in 2014.  ​


He spends his free time maintaining a high level of physical conditioning in preparation for the upcoming hunting season and researching new tactics, more remote hunting areas, and planning his next adventure wherever that may be.  Tyler is an advocate for fair chase hunting and maintaining access to our public lands for future generations to enjoy the outdoors as he has for so many years. 

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