Are Handheld GPS Units Headed for the Gear Dump?

A new era of GPS handheld units has arrived and is increasingly taking over the market and will dominate outdoor navigation in the near future. These new units do not require special hardware or a major investment to purchase considering pretty much everyone already has one. You guessed it; your smart phone is the newest GPS unit for all outdoor hiking, trekking, and hunting activities. Most people that spend a lot of time in the outdoors probably have used or are already aware of OnXmaps and the incredible service they provide. If you are one of the unfortunate people who are not aware of them, go to their website and look at the incredible apps and mapping programs they offer.

The service OnXmaps provides is second to none. Year after year they continue to improve their products and provide user friendly access to a plethora of navigational tools including the latest topo maps, land owner information, hunt units, and government agency maps to anyone who downloads the app on their mobile device, tablet, or now recently released on your desktop pc. They still provide SD and Micro SD chips that can be inserted into a Handheld GPS unit. Don’t get me wrong, these work flawlessly but the quality of the images and the fact that you now have to tote along two devices that are capable of accomplishing the same thing just doesn't make sense. I have been using the OnXmaps hunt apps for several years now and this was the first year I actually put my handheld Garmin GPS in the closet for the entire hunting season and solely relied on my smartphone. I never missed my Garmin once and was much happier with the decision to use OnXmaps Hunt App on my iPhone instead. Most people's mobile devices never leave their front pocket and are great for capturing quick photos and if reception is available to document their hunts and stay in touch with friends and family. It is no longer necessary to bring two devices along on a hunt or hike when you can utilize one and have everything at your fingertips that is currently available on any handheld Garmin GPS device.

The OnXmaps Hunt and Roam Apps are compatible with smartphones, tablets, and PCs. The ease of use is amazing and image quality dwarfs that of the typical handheld GPS unit. The one question everyone always asks is whether you need cellular reception to access the app and all the maps/layers that are included. The answer is plainly no; cellular reception is not required. You can download the cache of maps for your hunt area directly onto your phone or tablet and utilize the field mode for navigation while offline. However, it is best to download the map of your hunt or hiking area with Wi-Fi before you head into the field. Place your phone in airplane mode while using the app in order to save battery life and the phone will last for hours even days depending on how often you open the app and use it to navigate.

If anyone is not sold on the OnXmaps apps after giving it a try, I have a great Garmin GPS handheld unit available for sale. Even my father’s lifelong hunting partner at 67 years old who once relied on Garmin handheld units to navigate through favorite hunting areas and circumvent private lands for years has retired his unit to the obsolete gear dump. He now prefers using his smartphone and the OnXmaps Hunt App after a recent discussion and review with me on all the benefits of strictly using his mobile device.

Please view the below YouTube tutorial video that describes how to use the OnXmaps maps computer functionality. This also provides a general overview of how the system works and describes some of the benefits that download right to your mobile device. Check it out...

Send me an email if you want more information or have any questions on why you should make the permanent change to the OnXmaps application.


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