Utah 2018 Application Breakdown

Utah is an exceptional state for producing great trophy quality animals. However, it usually takes several points to draw any tag for big game species or once in a lifetime. Patience is key in the Beehive State as they have been producing a lot of exceptional animals in the past decade. Similar to Idaho and Arizona, Utah does require you to purchase a non-resident hunting license in order to apply for any licenses in that year. The hunting license is $65 or $85 if you choose to do a combination license which includes fishing. Below is the breakdown by species:

Note: The bonus point fee is no additional charge. The application fee covers your bonus point and if you are unsuccessful by paying the $10 application fee per species, you will automatically obtain a bonus point for that species.

Important Notes:

  1. A permit fee will not be charged unless you are drawn. You only pay the upfront application fee charge of $10 per species or a bonus point if you choose to apply for one.

  2. A big item to consider when applying for Utah; You may only obtain one permit each year.

  • Big game permits are drawn in the following order:

  • Buck deer

  • Bull elk

  • Buck Pronghorn

  • Once-in-a-lifetime (bighorn sheep, mountain goat, moose, bison)

  • If you draw number 1-3, you will not be included in the once-in-a-lifetime drawing, so depending on your number of bonus points, keep the above item in mind when applying in Utah.

  1. Party applications

  • Utah does allow party applications and residents may apply with non-residents. However, make sure non-resident permits are available for each hunt your group is applying for. If no non-resident permits are available for the hunt area, then the application will not be considered.

  1. Utah is a bonus point state

  • Every time you apply for a multi-season premium limited-entry, premium limited- entry, multi-season limited-entry, limited-entry, management buck deer, or once-in-a-lifetime permit but don’t draw, you will receive a bonus point for that species.

  • You may not apply for a permit and a bonus point only for the same species.

  • For party applications- all participants’ points will be averaged and rounded down to the nearest whole number.

  • If you draw a premium or limited entry permit and decide to surrender it... Do so before the season starts and you will be able to recollect all your bonus points in addition to receive a bonus point for that season.

  1. Limited Entry and Once-in-a-Lifetime Permits

  • 50% of the permits for each hunt are drawn by the applicants that have the most bonus points. Next, the other 50% of the permits for each hunt are drawn among all remaining applicants. Having bonus points will give you a better chance at drawing a permit in this part of the drawing also.

All of the information listed above can be found on the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources website

per the following link: https://wildlife.utah.gov/hunting-in-utah/hunting-information/big-game.html

If you have any questions or just want to talk hunting, contact me via email at tyler@rnaoutdoors.com. Good luck in the draws and hopefully you are successful.

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